LiOr Jacob
Resume – Information Systems
22595 6th Street , Hayward, CA 94541 • 415-608-5757

Experience and Qualifications Summary

  • More than 20 years of academic and professional experience with methodologies and wide variety of applications and development tools in the areas of education and artificial intelligence.
  • Carrying information system projects through all phases of analysis, design, prototyping, implementation, testing, documentation, training, support and maintenance.
  • Strong leadership, team building, communication, and organizational skills.

Work History

1994-2008 Passion University – Executive Director, CIO

  • Managed and supervised all of the university’s operations including design and development of the IT infrastructure.
  • The system provides centralized information management systems and services, supporting the individual and collaborative pursuits of faculty, students, and staff by providing operations, help desk, delivery of course content, production and technical services, database administration, e-mail, and authentication services.
  • The system’s architecture is based on the principles of open, marketplace provided, standard, client/server systems and technologies, mainly LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

1989-2008 Software Development and Systems Integration

  • Developed Customer Licensing System for Scalix – a LAMP-based integration of product license generation, distribution, marketing, sales, and accounting.
  • Developed auxiliary tools for Oracle Media Objects – a multimedia authoring software by Oracle.
  • Developed PenLite NoteBook – an application for a pen-based Macintosh that allow users to store, search and retrieve data in “ink” (graphical) form.
  • Developed diagnostic software for medical equipment (BioTrack).
  • Developed AppleLink CD – an array of applications that enable end users to use on-line information without actually logging on to the on-line service. The core application, the ALCD Maker, connects to the on-line service, automatically searches for new information, downloads it, and distributes it to users through CDs and LANs. The project involved complex configurations of LANs and WANs, and cooperation between development and telecommunication tools.
  • Designed and developed XCMDs that utilize advanced sorting and searching algorithms to improve performance of Tools Advisor.
  • Developed the graphical user interface for FaxPro, a fax/modem application for the Mac.
  • Designed and developed Brain, an object oriented expert system development environment.
  • Designed and developed the Medical Reporter, a reporting system for medical offices.
  • Produced a multimedia presentation for AutoDesk (Macromedia Director).

1994-2006 National University, Computer Science Dept. – Adjunct Faculty Member

  Taught the following undergraduate- and graduate-level courses:
  • Programming in C++   • Principles of Database Design
  • Artificial Intelligence   • Managing Information Technology
  • Object Databases   • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Web-Based Applications   • Object-Oriented Modeling, Analysis, and Design
  • Object Oriented Programming   • Database Management for Electronic Commerce
  • Leadership in the Digital Age   • Information Technologies in Knowledge-Based Learning
  • Electronic Payment Systems   • Strategic Roles of Information Technologies
  • Applied Software Architecture   • Principles of Electronic Commerce
  • Software Architecture Theories   • Principles of Software Engineering
  • Human-Computer Interface   • User Interfaces & Software Engineering

1990-1992 Artificial Intelligence Association – Director

  • Directed the Artificial Intelligence Association (AIA), a professional organization serving the AI community in the Silicon Valley. Responsibilities included: operations management, setup of presentations and lectures, invitations of guest speakers, marketing.
  • Technical editor of the AIA Magazine: wrote and edited articles and technical reviews.

1986-89 Syntelligence, Inc. – knowledge engineer
Team leader of the Fire & Allied Lines Expert System. Responsibilities included:

  • Knowledge engineering sessions with domain experts.
  • Specifications write up, project planning and scheduling, and complete product design.
  • Implementation: programming, quality assurance, documentation and manuals production.
  • Customization of the products to meet clients needs.
    Received Syntelligence’s "Outstanding Performance Award" (1988).

1984-85 UIC, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science – teaching assistant

  • Formulated models, designed, drafted and set up computer systems that resolved problems in Artificial Intelligence, applied math, engineering and robotics.
  • received 1st prize for the design of a Kalah playing machine.
  • Developed a natural languages lexical analyzer .
  • Designed color graphics simulations using ZGRASS on the UV-1 Raster Graphics system.

1984 Matrix Software, Los Gatos, CA – systems programmer

  • Developed the file management system for VIZ:APL, an APL interpreter for MS-DOS.

1981-82 International Center for Scientific Research – electronics technician

  • Developed a brain waves analog adder. This instrument was an interface to an EEG machine used for research in consciousness at ICSR.

1975-80 IDF – electronics technician

  • Maintained, Adjusted, repaired and controlled electronic equipment including radar, computers, and control systems.
  • Directly supervised an engineering staff of eight technicians.


  • MS in Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, 1986
  • BS in Mathematics, Maharishi University, Fairfield, IA, 1984